What is objective feedback and why do you need it?

Objective feedback means we can see the world from your shoes and Through Your Eyes. We don’t bring our negative emotional experiences into giving you feedback. Psychiatrists and psychologists often receive their own psychoanalysis / talk therapy so we know where our own buttons are . Everything we say has to have therapeutic value for you, our patient. For skilled therapists, it’s second nature for us to know how we feel about what you have said to us . So the feedback we give you is because we see it from your perspective and not because you’ve made us angry. Objective feedback means the psychiatrist doesn’t bring their own biases and fears into their feedback. The psychiatrist is able to see the world from your shoes and Through Your Eyes and can guide you based on that.

Family and friends are great! For centuries they were no such thing as psychiatrists or psychologists. For centuries Kings had a variety of advisors, but in the end they had to make the call. This still happens today with presidents of companies and supervisors, they keep advisors around them. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an advisor who saw the world from your shoes?

I don’t think every individual needs talk therapy / Psychotherapy as long as they have a decent network of family and friends who they can bounce ideas off of. However, family and friends are sometimes overwhelmed with your emotional issues. Family and friends can often bring their biased opinions, fears and experiences into their advice even if they mean well.

As a result, you don’t need to be crazy or have mental illness to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. First see whether feel comfortable with the psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist. Then you will get a sense of their level of skill and their ability to feel your perspective.

You can simply get great feedback from us. Come to us if you want to know why you are a certain way. Why you behave in a certain way. Why things have turned out for you the way they have. Come to us if you need to make a decision or need a fresh objective perspective. We may not always have the answer, but we can let you know if this is an impulsive move or weather your decision is congruent with your motivations.

It’s important to note that every mental health professional is different. Some mental health professionals will not give you this perspective in the first session, but some of us will. Ask us before you come see us if we offer advice in such a way. Sometimes patients don’t understand the therapist’s style until a few sessions in or vice versa. Sometimes the therapist takes a few sessions to get to know the patient. Some of us only give advice after the 6th or 12th session or so. Communication is key, tell the mental health professional what you are looking for. However, at the end of the day, like the kings of old, you must decide from within, we are just a guide.

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