In this practice, patients receive skillful medication management, nuanced psychotherapy and customized meditation exercises. Dr. Datta prescribes suboxone and injections such as Vivitrol, Sublocade are prescribed and administered here as well.

Customized Treatment: Helping someone with their mental health is not a one-size fits all process. Every person, couple and family are different. Dr. Datta has a psychotherapy first mindset. He listens to your story and to your problems and we talk things out. Your doctor needs to have a vision for what is happening in your conscious mind and unconscious mind; they have to “get you.” The tough part is when your doctor sees something in you that you cannot yet see. That can create some friction between the patient and doctor. One of the most significant challenges people have is changing their ways, but that’s why people come here. Psychotherapy has more than one component. Sometimes people have experienced trauma, neglect or have been misunderstood, so they may want supportive psychotherapy. Sometimes people have reached a point where they must change. The people that come here have been in-network and they want something different, more specific, more nuanced.

Precision Medicine/Treatment: Perhaps you’ve had a health care experience where you’ve had non-specific treatment. Whether it be an uncertainty regarding your diagnosis or medications. Dr. Datta avoids mis-diagnosis, mis-prescribing and over-prescribing. You can receive a second opinion here or tease out specifically what you’ve been taught by other providers over the years. Dr. Datta both respects the other providers’ methods but gives you an empathic yet no nonsense way of looking at your issues. Dr. Datta has seen a variety of medication options and can help you understand the rationale of your particular medication regimen or offer you a regimen that is balanced.

Dr. Datta is a general and addiction psychiatrist who is also passionate about psychotherapy. You’ve been going to treatment but there still isn’t any change in your life and you aren’t sure why. Precision Medicine Treatment means you receive customized medication management, psychotherapy and coaching specifically tailored for you. No two patients receive the same treatment. You’d be surprised how two doctors can prescribe medications so differently and practice talk therapy so differently. It’s a matter of treatment philosophy.

Dr. Datta is a psychotherapy first doctor. He will not reflexively prescribe you medication just because you are depressed or anxious. He will understand you psychologically and emotionally first. In the 75-90 minute initial evaluation we will dive deep into your personality. This functions as a character analysis. He always does his best to see the world in your shoes. He will help you understand what you are feeling and what you can do to cope, change, or adapt for the better. Dr. Datta uses 5 different types of psychotherapy techniques to help you emotionally. Patients can talk about their relationships and family. Mental health is not just isolated to the individual, but one’s interaction with the people and the environment around us. It starts with understanding one’s emotions first. Psychotherapy

If medication is needed, Dr. Datta will provide a nuanced review of all the different medications so that we understand the rationale and what it all means for you. It’s easy for patients to become confused about which medication does what. On the other hand, some people have been on medications for a while and are seeking a new psychiatrist. Some people had seen a psychiatrist a long time ago and want to start again. Or you might be completely new and have never seen a psychiatrist or therapist. Dr. Datta will consider the kind of treatment you received before, the rationale, what it means for you and the trajectory of treatment (how long you will be on these meds and at what dose). He never reinvents the wheel. He is interested in what you learned from your last provider and how he can add or let go dead or useless weight. Some patients come to Dr. Datta for a 2nd opinion after having been to a few doctors. Regarding understanding and rationale of previous treatment: Dr. Datta may contact some of your previous providers to inquire about the rationale of treatment. If patients give Dr. Datta that information, then he will clarify to you why a certain provider chose that modality of treatment. It is not uncommon for Dr. Datta to see patients who don’t know why they have received a certain medication regimen. Medication Management

Addiction Treatment and controlled substance medication management often requires the most nuanced medication management. People who call the office have mild, moderate and/or severe cases. If you are a candidate for Dr. Datta, he will provide a birdseye-view of your projected treatment over the phone, before you even come in for a session. This depends on the severity of controlled substance medication or illicit substance. This is a situation where Dr. Datta talks about medication first and then about psychological and emotional factors due to the severity and acute nature of the drugs or medication management. Dr. Datta provides specialty injectable medications such as vivitrol and sublocade for addiction patients, as well as suboxone treatments.  Dr. Datta also welcomes those who want to treat their addiction holistically (without medication).

Dr. Datta is a practitioner and believer of Meditation. People have been in therapy for 10 years and are still unable to let go of trauma. Others are doing yoga & mediation for a decade but certain underlying issues remain unresolved. They remain the same. Therapy and Meditation work together. Both worlds need each other. You can talk out your issues with Dr. Datta as well as do customized meditations with him to let go of these underlying issues.

Patients receive comprehensive care here. Imagine coming to one place for medication management, talk therapy, family and couples therapy, life coaching and meditation. You don’t need to go to 2 or even 3 providers. Dr. Datta believes that a mental health practitioner needs to be well versed in a variety of modalities. Your maladaptive issues can be your friend or it can be your enemy. It is a dance, it is a martial art to find harmony with these parts of your personality and life experience. Your teacher needs to be well versed in a variety of art forms in order to help you navigate these unconscious elements of personality in different angles. Imagine doing this in precise and customized way.

Disclaimer: Dr. Datta is not an emergency doctor. Dr. Datta does not accept all patients that call. There is a screening process before you are accepted into Dr. Datta’s practice. Dr. Datta is also an out of network provider.