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Meditation & Natural Medicine

“I can’t meditate, my mind won’t shut off.” This is one of the most common reactions. Guess what, you don’t need to shut your mind off!

Meditation, like happiness and many secrets of the mind, our relationships and world we live in, is often counterintuitive, because if it wasn’t then everyone would be able to do it. It often seems like poetry or a riddle. However, the evidence is all around us. At times it is out of our reach but at times we choose not to see it. Perhaps it can become more clear here.

The foundation of hypnosis is rooted in meditation. Both arise from a deep relaxed transcendent state of mind. To transcend consciousness does not mean attaining a level that is beyond the normal or physical possibilities. It is completely natural and obtainable. It’s just that our stressors of daily life clouds our vision of how extraordinary and stress free we can potentially become in our natural state if we are only able to let go get out of our own way.

I am a trained meditation teacher. My view of Meditation is not just from a course or certification, rather it is based on a series of trainings over two decades so far. It is a way of life. I can teach you based on how Mindfulness Meditation as it is used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. However, I take it a step further and customize it for you based on your sticking points.

I see patients who had therapy for years, but still unable to shake certain core and intermediate beliefs. I see meditation and yoga teachers who meditate daily but still are unable to shake certain thoughts or habits from the past. We are all human and have flaws and that’s okay. However, the combination of talk therapy and meditation may be the key to shake these thoughts and feelings for good. 

  • I provide a series of breathing meditations based on your daily life and stressors.
  • 15 minutes are required for a meditation session. It can be longer if required.
  • The breathing meditation is based on 3 aspects:
    • Deeper and more restful breathing.
    • A rhythm/count which anchors the breath, basically reminds you to breath deeper than you would otherwise.
    • Customization based on your daily life and stressors.
  • Meditation is usually not done in the initial session. But Why? It is because we need to have an understanding of each other first before I can make a judgement about what meditation will be helpful for you.
  • Most patients have a full session where they have talk therapy as well. This is helpful because the customized meditation is based on your specific issues. So the therapy session helps me understand you more deeply before creating a meditation for you.
  • Most patients receive medication management and psychotherapy from their providers. Here, your psychotherapy is combined with a series of customized meditation exercises. To achieve full benefit it helps to practice meditation on a daily basis. Patients start by meditating at home 2-3 times a week and work up to a daily home practice.
  • This is not yoga. However, you can apply these techniques in you your yoga practice.
  • Visualization exercises can take our meditation exercise further. I customize visualization exercises for your based on your specific needs. It allows our psychotherapy to penetrate deeper. We can talk about your stresses for years, however it is up to you to both practice regularly and let go to allow the teaching to move from a intellectualization in your mind to a feeling in your heart. It must become second nature.

Research has shown that even new meditators can reduce their anger and reactivity. Meditation works well in conjunction with talk therapy to help resolve unconscious conflict. These studies have also shown that those that meditate daily with consistency are able to let go of stubborn ruminations they have been holding on to.

Meditation has existed for millennia. It has gained mainstream attention partly due to evidence-based scientific research backing its effectiveness. The Beatles helped too.

Natural Medicine

I have obtained additional training to recommend natural/over the counter/non-allopathic medications to be used alone or with your medications to optimize your medications and diminish side effects. The following conditions have been successfully treated with this method.

  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • Cannabis Use Disorder
  • Sleep/Insomnia
  • Impulsivity/Anger Management

I am happy to clarify these methods and share the research as well. I do not endorse nor am I compensated by any pharmaceutical company or private supplement company.

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