Philosophy for Medication Management

Most people think all a psychiatrist does is prescribe medication. In mental health, there is an overlap between a person’s psychological state and the use of medications. Dr. Datta does both.  A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who prescribes medication and a psychologist (is not a medical doctor, rather a Phd or PsyD) provides psychotherapy or talk therapy. Dr. Datta provides both medication management and psychotherapy.

You don’t have to be afraid that Dr. Datta will write you a prescription the first time he sees you if you’ve never seen a psychiatrist before. He is not “trigger happy” or “prescription happy.” Some people are afraid of this. Dr. Datta is a psychotherapy first doctor. He will not reflexively prescribe you medication just because you are depressed or anxious. He will understand you first. The 75-90 minute initial evaluation you will dive deep into your personality. It is a character analysis. He always does his best to see the world from your shoes. He will help you understand why you are feeling this way and what you can do to cope, change or adapt for the better. Dr. Datta uses 5 different types of psychotherapy techniques to help you emotionally. It always starts here.

If medication is needed, Dr. Datta will conduct a nuanced review of medications so that it all makes sense to you. It’s easy for patients to become confused about which medication does what. On the other hand, some people have been on medications for a while and are seeking a new psychiatrist. Some people had seen a psychiatrist a long time ago and want to start again. Or you might be completely new and never seen a psychiatrist or therapist. Dr. Datta will take into account what kind of treatment you received before. He never reinvents the wheel. He is interested in what you learned from your last provider and how he can help you more. Some patients come to Dr. Datta for a 2nd opinion having been to a few in-network doctors. Dr. Datta may contact some your previous providers to inquire about the rationale of treatment. If patients give Dr. Datta that information, then he will clarify to you why a certain provider chose that modality of treatment. Dr. Datta often sees patients who don’t know why they have received a certain medication regimen.

Please note that Dr. Datta is not an emergency doctor. If you have an emergency case, then Dr. Datt or his assistant will inform you where you can seek treatment.

Dr. Datta is a General and Addiction Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist located at East 44th street and 5th avenue in Midtown, New York City near Grand Central Station. Remote Video Sessions are also provided. Dr. Datta provides medication management and practice talk therapy and holistic modalities such as customized meditation, visualization exercises and complementary medicines. He works with a variety of psychotherapies such as psychodynamics, CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing and family and couples therapy. He provides specialty injectable medications such as vivitrol and sublocade for addiction patients, as well as suboxone treatments.

In this practice you will receive a well-rounded understanding of your issues. Dr. Datta will get to know you psychologically and emotionally before medications are prescribed. Medications are prescribed in the first session when it’s needed. You will know exactly what you will and will not receive before you even begin the first session. All this is talked about over the phone. In session, Dr. Datta can review any prior treatment you received in the past for a second opinion, and see if you have been mis-diagnosed or mis-prescribed. Addiction treatment, and Family and Couples therapy are included when it applies to your specific treatment plan.