How to see the Doctor:

  1. Please call the new patient line: 877-376-4560 and you will receive a call from my assistant. This is the only way to be seen by Dr. Datta even if you book through Zoc Doc.
  2. The assistant answers, listens to your needs, presents Dr. Datta’s practice and answers your questions.
  3. You can speak with Dr. Datta MD the same day or the next day. The assistant calls you back first because Dr. Datta might be seeing patients. We offer this phone conversation so potential patients can tell us what kind of treatment they’ve received before, so they know exactly what to expect in his practice and so we can understand you better.  
  4. If you book through Zoc Doc, the assistant will call you regardless and you must be accepted into the practice. So you must be accepted into this practice through step 2 above. You can’t just be accepted by clicking for an appointment on Zoc Doc. Zoc Doc is well aware (for years actually) that this is how Dr. Datta practices.
  5. Once patients are accepted, they become an Active Patient. Active Patients receive a password in order to access the patient portal. Patients who are not Active Patients will not be able to log into this patient portal.

See the Frequently Asked Questions.