Dr. Datta is the medical director of addiction services at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers, where he started a suboxone and vivitrol program to treat substance abuse. Dr. Datta MD Psychiatry PLLC is his psychiatric private practice in midtown, Manhattan, which is independent of his St. Joseph’s position.

Dr. Datta is only accepting new patients at my private practice, Dr. Datta MD Psychiatry PLLC in Midtown. Conveniently located just south of Rockefeller Center and just west of Grand Central station, the office is easily accessible by several subway lines and public transportation. Dr. Datta is fluent in English, Spanish and Bengali.


  • Medical School: St Matthews University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine
  • Residency in Psychiatry: Mount Sinai – St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital
  • Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry: Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Research Fellowship in Addiction & Behavior: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Board Certified in Psychiatry
  • Board Certified in Addiction Psychiatry


Please call to know exact availability. The following are the types of sessions offered, please ask about the fees.

75 -90 minute initial psychiatric evaluation session.

45-50 minute follow-up medication management & psychotherapy

30 minute follow-up medication management with or without therapy

I have appointments over video chat as well which are confidential and hipaa encrypted.

Potential patients can contact Dr. Datta 7 days a week. His assistant will reach out to your first in order to help Dr. Datta reach you.

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  • Potential patients are welcome to call 24/7.
  • A phone conversation/phone screen is required before appointments are confirmed.
  • Due to the nature of my practice, not all patients are accepted.
  • Family and Couples Therapy often takes more time. Certain Therapeutic interventions take more time. Patients are billed according to the time.
  • Controlled Substance medications are never given more than 30 days at a time.

Insurance: Dr. Datta is an out of network provider and does not accept insurance. The Patient’s healthcare insurance, however, may reimburse out of network expenses. Dr. Datta will gladly explain this process. Patients receive an easy 4 step process on how they can be reimbursed. Dr. Datta will help you fill out the claims form if needed. It is the patient’s responsibility to find out whether they have out of network benefits and which fax number to submit the forms.

Patient Agreement: All patients are required to sign the patient agreement which means that we mutually agree on the rules of this practice. The credit card authorization is also a requirement.

HIPAA: All patients are required to sign a hipaa form, as is standard with any form of medical treatment.

Payment: For new patients, payment is required in full before the session and is done over an encrypted intuit quickbooks service. Patients swipe their card in the office for follow-up sessions. Credit, debit and cash are accepted. Checks are not accepted.

Extra time: Family and Couples therapy usually requires more time. Certain therapeutic interventions often require more time. Patients are billed according to the time.

Cancellations: Please give at least 48-hour notice of cancellation. Patients are billed for missed appointments and cancellations within the 48 hour window.


I treat a variety of conditions through different methods. You can learn more here.