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08 Sep

What is a Psychiatrist?

A Psychiatrist and psychologist both can help people with their emotional problems and issues. Helping people psychologically is the common ground that both professions share. Both psychiatrist and psychologist can offer objective feedback; they do their best to see the world from your shoes. They try to understand how you feel. You can also vent your emotional issues to them.

In addition to understanding and helping people through their emotional issues, the psychiatrist has the additional ability to prescribe medications. This is because the psychiatrist is a medical doctor who completed medical school and then residency in psychiatry. A psychiatrist can pursue training in different types of talk therapy or psychotherapy to gain expertise. A psychologist is an expert in different types of psychotherapy, but cannot prescribe medications. The psychiatrist doesn’t just have to prescribe medication, it is a mutual decision between patient and doctor. 

Medication is not for everyone. The duty of a mental health professional is to understand the emotional state of a person before medications are considered. Medications are tools for specific people with specific emotional problems. Nuanced and customized psychotherapy is needed to help remedy these emotional problems. A provider has to know the psychological nature of a person before medications are considered. Sometimes psychotherapy is enough. Sometimes Psychotherapy is not enough and medications are needed. 

In conclusion, discuss what you aim to achieve with your psychiatrist and/or psychologist before you get invested in your treatment. Every provider practices a little differently. Speak with your psychiatrist and see if they only prescribe medication or if they start with talk psychotherapy. Speak with your psychologist to see what style of psychotherapy they practice; there are many style.

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